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What time will my class be on stage?:

To be honest, we don't know what time your class will be on stage! Unfortunately, in bodybuilding competitions we cannot predict exact class stage times as there are too many variables. The only confirmed time is the event start time. Competitions can run faster or slower depending on various factors.

I live in a different country and would like an invitation letter inviting me to Canada to compete in this event:

We are not able to provide any invitation letters. The "Toronto Naturals" and the "Legend's Super Cup" are open to anyone in Canada who have purchased a 2024 CPA membership.

I live in Canada but I am not a resident:

Yes, you can compete in this event! You just need a 2024 CPA membership.

I am new to Canada, can I compete in this event?:

Yes, you just need to purchase your 2024 CPA membership to be eligible to compete in this event.

Is their any prize money?:

There is no prize money at the amateur level events but there is prize money at the IFBB Professional level events.

Do I need to attend the Athlete Check-ins?:

Attendance is mandatory at the Athlete's Check-ins which are held on the Friday evening before the event at 5:00pm-7:00pm at the Host Hotel. During this session, you will undergo official height or weight measurement by CPA officials and receive your numbered button.

What should I bring to the Athlete Check-ins?:

  • Government-issued photo ID.

  • Proof of 2024 CPA membership number.

  • USB stick with your music for classes requiring posing routines. (Bodybuilding/Classic/Fitness/WPD)


Can I compete in multiple categories/classes?:

Yes, we encourage competing in more than one category and multiple classes to maximize your experience and stage time as this is a regional level competition. Getting more stage time will help build up your stage confidence!

I accidentally registered for the wrong class:

That's OK! You can switch the class to the correct class at the in-person Athlete Check-ins the night before the event. You can also email us to change the class ahead of time.

First-Time Competitors:

You are not restricted to the True Novice division! Feel free to participate in both Open and Novice divisions to make the most out of the show.


"True Novice" vs "Novice" Divisions:

  • "True Novice": Open to first-time CPA competitors or those entering a new division for the first time.

  • "Novice": Any individuals who have not placed top 3 in an open class before.


Ticket Purchase:

Tickets and Coach Passes are available online and will also be available at the event (cash only). Please be advised that ticket prices go up at the door.


Can I get a refund if I don't make my "Men's Classic Physique" class weight?:

No, as per the registration terms there are no refunds and it is your job to make your weight class. We can however, offer you to compete in a different category which doesn't require making a weight class in lieu of the Men's Classic Physique class.


What happens if I don't make my weight class in bodybuilding?:

You will get placed into the appropriate weight class based on your weight.

What happens if I don't make my weight class in Women's Physique?:

You will get placed into the appropriate weight class based on your weight.

Coach Passes:

You can purchase more than one coach pass if needed.


Spray tan information:

Competition spray tans are MUCH darker than regular spray tans. Book your competition spray tan with the official tanning company of the "Toronto Naturals" and the "Legend's Super Cup": Absolute Touch!


Competing with a different federation:

The Toronto Naturals is open to anyone with a 2024 CPA membership regardless if you compete with different federations. Purchase your 2024 membership on the Canadian Physique Alliance website.


I have a Pro Card in another federation:

To compete in this event you cannot have a pro status, you must relinquish your pro status with the other federation. A form for this purpose can be signed at the Athlete's Meeting.

Stage photo packages:

Zoom Image Pros are the official photographers of the "Toronto Naturals" and the "Legend's Super Cup". Zoom Image Pros will be selling stage photo packages at the Athlete's Meeting. Pre-order is available at


Hotel stay advice:

Bring extra sheets, pillowcases, and towels to the hotel. The competition spray tan can stain hotel linens, potentially leading to extra charges.

What is the order of classes for Prejudging & Finals?:

The order of classes will be the same for both the Prejudging and Finals:

Men's Bodybuilding

Men's Classic Physique

Men's Physique

-short intermission-

Women's Fitness

Women's bodybuilding

Women's Physique

Women's Figure

Women's Wellness

Women's Bikini

I can't find my class offered on the registration website:

If there is a certain class you are hoping to compete in but don't see it offered on our registration list of classes, please email us and ask us if we can add it. Most likely we can! Please email

Which categories need to submit posing routine music?:

Women's Fitness, Men's Bodybuilding, Men's Classic Physique, Women's Bodybuilding, Women's Physique

How do I submit my posing routine music?:

You can submit your music through the registration platform on Muscleware or you can bring it to the Athlete Check-ins and give it to DJ Errold on a USB stick.

How do I earn an IFBB Pro card?:

You must win the overall at a pro-qualifier event. To qualify to compete at a pro-qualifier event, you must place top 3 at a regional event such as the "Toronto Naturals" or the "Legend's Super Cup" in the open or masters classes.

Do all athletes in categories with posing routines get to perform their posing routines at finals?:

Yes! The "Toronto Naturals" and the "Legend's Super Cup" allow all athletes with posing routines to perform them regardless of placing.

I am competing in Men's Bodybuilding and Men's Classic Physique, do I need two different posing routines?:

Ideally you should have two different posing routines as they are two completely different categories.

I am competing in 3 Men's Bodybuilding classes, do I need to do 3 posing routines at finals?:

No, since all the classes are in the same category (Men's Bodybuilding), you would only do one posing routine at finals. If you were competing in Men's Bodybuilding and Men's Classic Physique, then you would be required to do two posing routines at finals because those are two different categories.

Are all "pro cards" the same?:

No! An IFBB Pro card is the highest level and most prestigious pro card in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Professional basketball players play in the NBA,  professional hockey players play in the NHL, professional baseball players play in the MLB and professional bodybuilding and fitness athletes compete in the IFBB Pro League.

Are there any banned products backstage?:


"Dream Tan" cream is banned.

"Hot Stuff" (vasodilators) is banned.

Aerosol sprays are banned including PAM cooking spray.

I missed my class on stage, can I get a refund?:

No. As per the terms of registering for the event, there are no refunds and it is your job to make it to the venue on time and to be attentive backstage.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final as per the terms of purchasing tickets and/or purchasing registration class entries for the events. There are strictly no refunds.

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